We are all in this together

                                                                                                                                       Suzanne Imes
We are all in this together.
 I work with adults and older adolescents who are dealing with issues related to depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, relationships, achievement and success, chronic illness, transitions, early attachment problems, self-esteem, addictions, betrayal, and general problems in living.

I focus on self-acceptance and growth rather than on pathology and “change.” I believe we are all in this together; I take the journey with my clients rather than thinking I know what is best for them. I think questions are often more important than answers. My motto is: Less judgment, more curiosity. 

Change comes when we accept what is – rather than wanting to be different. My overarching therapeutic orientation is Gestalt therapy (click here for a good introductory description). While all Gestalt therapists focus on the body (as well as thoughts and emotions), I specialize in the use of various body techniques, such as movement, touch, and attention to breathing.

As co-developer of the Impostor Phenomenon theory, I work with people who fear they are not as bright or capable as others think they are and are often worried they will be “found out.”

I also integrate the Enneagram into my work. The Enneagram is a matrix of nine personality types, or drives, which can illuminate the particular ways we feel, believe, and act in various situations, especially stressful and threatening ones.  It also provides a map to help untangle us from our habitual unconscious motivations and reactions.